Portland’s broken: Aerial Tram edition

From boondoggle to nuisance. Vera Katz said the Aerial Tram would be Portland’s postcard … more like poster child for a city adrift.

A 35-square-foot metal panel fell an estimated 130 feet from the Portland Aerial Tram, hitting a 21-year-old woman in the head as she walked down the stairway of a Southwest Portland pedestrian bridge Tuesday morning.

35 square feet = 7 feet by 5 feet. Looks like PBOT’s going to be writing a six figure check to the PSU student who was hit.

Congestion’s up, TriMet ridership is down, City Hall blames Uber and Lyft

The Cold War between City Hall and ridesharing companies (and the people who use them), is beginning to heat up.

PBOT, enlisted the City Council last month to authorize an $80,000 to $130,000 consultants’ study of how Uber, Lyft and taxis are affecting Portland’s traffic congestion.

That’s a lot of money for one study. When Portland city government pays that much money for a study, then you know the conclusions have already been written.download