Portland transportation director’s aspiration: “Decommission” I-5

Tweets from last night’s One City / Many Futures presentation report that the Portland’s transportation director, Leah Treat, has found support for “decommissioning” Interstate 5 running through the city.

Treat herself later tweeted that decommissioning I-5 is an “aspiration” of hers.

This naturally raised questions about what PBOT’s director actually meant by “decommissioning.”

She responded with a link to Wikipedia:

decommissioned highway is a highway that has been removed from service, has been shut down, or has had its authorization as a national, provincial or state highway removed. Decommissioning can include the complete or partial demolition or abandonment of an old highway structure because the old roadway has lost its utility, but such is not always the norm.

In an interview after her presentation, Treat dodges the question of “scrapping” the I-5 expansion, but goes into some detail PBOT’s dream to cap I-5 at Broadway (at 3:30 in the video).

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